Our Hardware Lesson

Our Hardware Lesson
Let us be Calm and Brave

Friday, October 12, 2007

Really Starting Over

My retirement papers came back yesterday. I have been approved for a medical retirement. I thought I would jumping and screaming for joy, but that phase must have already passed unnoticed. There will probably be two planes full of people, embarking one of these days on holiday or business, who will arrive safely because a younger, faster, better trained {but less experienced} controller is there being little brother.

I've been thinking about a party. Years ago I had planned to bring my alarm clock and a sledge hammer and get "medivial" as my boys used to say. I had hoped to be able to burn my mortgage papers at the same time, but that will have to wait.

I really wanted to make it for my full twenty years, but I guess twenty months short ain't so bad. Those seven and a half years at the academy don't count for squak {not a typo, some people will get it}. I think now I will work on getting my health back, do some more reading and maybe a little writing, and make it up to mimi for all the time I was gone, and she was sitting home alone.

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Kevin said...

I hope you're enjoying your retirement!